Waggin’ Tails Dog Obedience Class information:

Due to busy schedules working in classes for your dog is sometimes difficult.  Waggin’ Tails understands this and makes every effort to make classes work with your schedule.

Our first class (Seminar) is just for the owners without the dogs.  This way you get the complete course up front and understand what you must do in order to train your dog.   Our seminars and sessions are held on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday nights.  Seminars start at 7:00 p.m. and sessions with dogs start at 6:30 p.m. or 7:15 p.m. and are 30 minutes long per session.  If you need day time sessions, we will work this out with your schedule and mine.

We offer the seminar class for owners to get started several times each month.  Give us a call for the next starting date.  This is the most important class that you attend.  We will teach you all the do’s and don’ts.  We welcome other family members to attend the class so they will understand what to do as well.  The seminar usually last about an hour.  You will have the exercises explained to you, demonstrated for you and we give you our dog training book to go home and read over what you have seen and heard.

You teach the dog!  We teach you how to train the dog and you work 10 minute sessions with your dog each day at home where you can get their best attention.  After you work with your dog 10 days you should be ready to come back for more instructions and to work on any problems you may be having.  Just call us and we’ll set up a time for a session with you and your dog.  By bringing  the dog here for sessions, this teaches the dog they must obey around other people and dogs.  You must get your practice sessions in with your dog in order for them to be ready to learn more commands.

The cost of the class is $125.00 for the three sessions.  If additional sessions are needed the cost is $30.00 per session.  Price includes Training Leash and Training Book.

We train all the basic commands and work on all behavior problems.

The class is fun and the main purpose is to teach the owner how to train their dog.  We start out puppies after they have had their 2nd set of shots, which soon be at 9 weeks of age.  Dogs never get to old too train.    You don’t have to retrain their thinking if you start out with them as puppies.  We work with all breeds of dogs.

We have an indoor climate controlled training facility.
If you are interested you will need to call 870‑836‑7297 and get on our list.
Waggin’ Tails is located at 1825 Fairview Rd, Camden, 71701
Call me if you have anymore questions.

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